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How to Write a Good CV



CVs should be direct and to the point in other words brief.
This document is your foot through the door, it needs to grab attention and market you and your abilities. It also needs to be accurate so check for mistakes.

A good CV will accomplish three things:

1. Create a good first impression

2. Detail your experience
3. Get you an interview


Presentation tips
▪ Make it easy to read by using bullets, tabs and bold text
▪ Choose an easy-to-read font like Arial or Verdana
▪ Avoid decorative borders or photographs
▪ Check for spelling and grammar - use a dictionary, not just spell-check on your PC
▪ Keep to the point, aim to produce two pages and never more than three
▪ Always write using the first person "I" rather than the third party


CV Content

1. Personal Details

In ‘Your personal details’ section, don't forget to include the following information
▪ Name, address and contact phone numbers (home, work, mobile)
▪ Marital status
▪ Date of birth
▪ Nationality, and visa details if applicable
▪ E-mail address



2. Education /Qualifications
Start with the most recent and work backwards.


Remember to include all your qualifications, with grades and dates.


If you have a lot of work experience, the education section doesn't need to be quite so detailed - simply state how many GCSEs you have rather than list all the subjects and grades.


Professional qualifications and skills list all your professional qualifications and relevant courses you have attended. It's a good idea to state your IT knowledge and any foreign languages you speak.