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Interview tips

Preparation is the first essential step towards conducting a successful interview.

Remember... “If you fail to prepare you are prepared to fail”



Preparing for an interview
Make sure you have researched the following important factors before the big day:

Where you are supposed to be going

How to get there

What time you should be there

Who you are going to meet (including the correct name pronunciation)

Is there any parking etc.

Make sure you have the company and Career Studios’ telephone number with you in case you are delayed.


Company Research
Spend time researching the company.  We will brief you fully before your interview and give you an idea of the company culture, job description, person specification and their expectations but you also need to do some of your own preparation.
Check out the Company website as these are always packed with information and a prospective employer will expect you to have familiarised yourself with their website.
If it becomes apparent during your interview that you have not researched the prospective company and employer it will seriously compromise your chances.  Remember in the Apprentice, during the final interviews when certain candidates had not researched Sir Alan Sugar… It did them no favours and resulted in them being Fired!

You may be able to obtain the company’s corporate literature/brochures from one of their offices or try a PDF version from their website.  Try to download from company’s house their audited accounts, which will show turnover figures.  Local press websites may have articles about the company especially if you search in the business sections.


Personal Research
Re-familiarise yourself with your CV and make sure you're familiar with the job description. What key skills and experience are they looking for? Prepare to give examples of projects or assignments you have worked on which demonstrate your strengths in these key areas.

It is also worth refreshing your memory on the facts and figures about your present or former employer as you may be asked questions about your previous companies.